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Staring at a blank page again, huh?

Blank to Book

Staring at a blank page again, huh?

I get it. You've got this epic idea for a novel, a memoir that could make someone cry, or maybe a non-fiction that could change the game. But here you are, stuck with that darn blinking cursor.

Instead, picture this: You, a bestseller. Sounds crazy? Maybe. Impossible? Definitely not. Let's face it, your current relationship with that blinking cursor isn't going anywhere. Time to swipe right on a new-age approach to writing, whether it's for that novel you dream about in the shower, the memoir you plot out during boring meetings, or the non-fiction that's going to blow everyone's socks off.

This isn't your typical 'how-to-write' snoozefest. It's like having a $1000 1-on-1 session with an expert, for the price of a coffee. Filled with practical advice, inspiring stories and proven strategies, it's personal, engaging, and brimming with insider tips.

Why write? Because transforming thoughts into words can actually transform your life, your career, and hey, maybe even your bank account!

By the time you finish reading my book, you'll have the power to write with the same ease and excitement as binge-watching your favorite Netflix series. So, if you're tired of watching others bask in the glory of their published works while you're stuck in the "someday" phase, it's time to hit that “Add to Cart" button.

Grab this book, and let's turn your dream into a bestseller. Because the world isn't just waiting for another book; it's waiting for YOUR book. It's time to go from ‘Blank to Book'.

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The Changing Room

Struggling to make sense of the new world? Hungry for growth & success?

This book will help you do just that!

It tackles life's biggest questions, decodes away the away the bullsh*t and translates them into simple rules and actionable moves.

  • Why am I stuck?
  • Why is my life not going anywhere?
  • What should I do after being hit by 2020?
  • How can I succeed like the leaders do?
  • WTF is happiness?
  • What should I do now to change my future?

Get ready to get the answers!

From the Triangle of Mediocrity to the Toilet Flush Theory, from the Loser Pit to the Magic Molecules, from the Triple-S Formula to the Hustle Sack, from the Lollipop Effect to Shape-Shifting, from the Impact Paradox to the Jaw of Helplessness, from the Inverted Pyramid to the Transformation Triangle, and right up to the Success Sandwich, it'll be one hell of a crazy ride.

The new world has new rules. It's time to decode them. It's time to embrace them. It's time to change. Welcome to The Changing Room.

Finding Your G-Spot

The Probability of your parents meeting: one in a million. The Chance that they had you and not another genetic version of you: one in 4 million billion. (yeah, that's a number too!) The Number of moments you have lived (knowing that any of us could pop-off any moment): ~9.4 million in our lifetime.
You, Yes YOU, are a miracle.
Do you not then deserve to lead a miraculous life?
A life that you know is meaningful to you, that doesn't leave you feeling like you are simply running, not knowing where to and why so. So go on, give yourself and your life the best shot.
By ceasing this race to 'somewhere' for just a few hours; Re-discovering Your Real Self, Re-aligning Your Thoughts, Revamping Your Life - All in (nothing worthwhile is simple!) 4 STEPS + 15 Do-it-for-Yourself EXERCISES.

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