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I’m a big-city girl living the small-city life; my 2 BFFs are the oceanic calm inside of me and the storm in my tea-cup sized head, together making sure I wade through the rough seas and up the tall mountains, one tiny step at a time. Very into: psycho-analysing couples in restaurants, eating all that I shouldn’t, sleeping 8 hours no matter what, bluffing my way through deep conversations, random writings, talking to myself, head-banking to my car stereo, and still trying to make my parents proud of me! Avoiding everything that doesn’t make my heart sing, since 1975
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I probably should have known that the girl who would see monsters popping out from her bedroom light, would end up in world of make-believe fiction and that same girl who would talk for hours to herself would anyday be comfortable on the stage talking to others…that one day she would be writing & guiding others to write books…

I’m probably sipping coffee or thinking up a ‘new’ idea, and dreaming of ways we can all get from Point A to Point B and still smell all the roses along the way.
Want to know what gets me going? Helping those who let me help them by teaching them how to help themselves. Pushing people to pause. Re-connect with the child within. Live life just a tad bit dangerously. Dreaming fearlessly and more so, taking a decision or two every now and then. Rising above the daily riff-raff and finally seeing the bigger picture.
And nailing it. One milestone at a time. Making difficult choices. Prioritising. Discovering their message, their purpose, their story. Or and … writing a book!