If I'm not in my rabbit hole writing,

you'll most likely find me on stage speaking.

Bringing with her over 20 years of global corporate & entrepreneurial experience, Geetika has lived in, worked & explored 17 countries, across 3 continents. Her thought-leadership and commitment to constant change, innovation & growth, has culminated in being invited to the famed TEDx platform 5 times over, making her one of the most prolific TEDx Speakers in India & across the globe. Her thoughts, quotes & videos have garnered over 15 Million Views and built a 1,00,000+ community passionate about self-growth. You can catch Geetika delivering inspirational Keynotes, energising Motivational Talks, skills Workshops, business Panel Discussions, or perhaps in one of her online coaching sessions attended by individuals from 400 cities across 30+ countries.


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Transform your event with Geetika’s


The destination will never be right, if the direction is set wrong.

De-clutter. Un-complicate. Re-Focus

If you want to heighten the impact of your Event, Conference or Off-site, you need to kick-off by creating an environment conducive to both learning & un-learning.
Engage Geetika for a Keynote Experience to set up your audience for success.
Geetika’s unique style is a blend of inspirational topics, transformational ideas, engaging storytelling, proven business principals, real-life anecdotes - all delivered with a dash of her trademark humour.
Her Talks are passionate, candid, relatable and touch the right cord with an audience that she ensures stays engaged throughout.

They are followed-up by an interactive Open House for on-the-spot Q&As, ensuring that the audience is left not just energised, but more enlightened, focused and determined than ever before.
She does not shy away from breaking cliched beliefs and instead brings to focus new-age mantras to fit the future of work.
If you are keen to transform your teams, your results and your future, engage Geetika for a Keynote Experience with a difference.
Answer a few simple questions to ensure you get the most game-changing keynote experience designed specially for your event.

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Be Built for Success with Geetika’s

Talks & Workshops

Our education system doesn’t prepare us for the world today. Fill the gap with programs that do.

Successful people don’t do different things, but do things differently. Successful organisations don’t push people to achieve but empower them to believe.

Invest in your people. Not just by enhancing skills but by changing mindsets, not by festering competition but by promoting collaboration, not simply by teaching them what to do but helping them with how to implement.
Whether your organization needs to increase sales, expand creativity, enhance problem-solving, find more balance or improve customer service — Geetika’s success principles, when put into practice, will create massive and permanent change in the day-to-day operations of your colleagues & organization.
The participants will experience new confidence and commitment – including risk taking, decision making, overcoming fears and thinking innovatively.
If you lead an Educational Institute, then let Geetika design & deliver capsule courses that will arm your students to become leaders of tomorrow.
Geetika’s Talks & Workshops can be customised as per your need viz. Topic, Duration, Take-aways.
Share your vision by answering a few simple questions & let us design a program for you that will transform your future.

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A Keynote that Geetika is passionate about is:

Falling is not equal to FAILING

A Keynote that Geetika is passionate about is

The Mathematical Formula for SUCCESS

A Keynote that Geetika is passionate about is

Press PAUSE || Stop running. Start Breathing.

A Keynote that Geetika is passionate about is

Inside the Mind of an INNOVATOR.

A Keynote that Geetika is passionate about is

Don't fear FEAR

A Keynote that Geetika is passionate about is

PURPOSE. Start Here

A Keynote that Geetika is passionate about is

SUPER HEROES are for Comic Books

A Keynote that Geetika is passionate about is

Upgrade to version YOU.2

A Keynote that Geetika is passionate about is

Don’t let the Noise become YOUR VOICE.

A Keynote that Geetika is passionate about is

An ENTREPRENEURIAL Mindset & The Intangibles.

A Keynote that Geetika is passionate about is

beyond B-Schools



Whether you’re a person trying to become the best version of yourself, a large organisation on the lookout for a transformational keynote speaker, a start-up seeking mentorship or an educational institution aiming to arm your students with new-age skills, lets explore how we can work together.