A book is the best visiting card you can ever have!

Whether you want to solidify your standing as a Subject-matter Expert in your field or take up writing as a profession, launching your own book is the way to go. Co-Author your book with Geetika to get an advantage like none other - assisted writing with a bestselling author, the power of her brand net to your's and a launch pad to market your book with 100% know-how. This is not your typical deal, it's an opportunity to create your own Personal Brand that will help you cut through the noise and be established as an expert & leader in your profession. Whether you are a Corporate leader, an Entrepreneur, a Speaker or a Writer - get the Launch Pad of your dreams by leveraging Geetika's expertise. This is a Limited offer, accepted at Geetika's discretion.

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Be immortalised forever

We all live a finite life, but a book lives on forever. If you think you have a life story that is worth sharing, a journey that inspires all and learnings that can help others - then bring to life your biography, written by Geetika herself. Whether you are an established industrialist or a struggling entrepreneur, a corporate leader or a homemaker, an artist or a politician - share your story with the world and inspire the generation that builds our tomorrow

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Amazon No. 1 Bestseller

“a breath of fresh air in the literary world” – Deccan Chronicle

“she’s making waves with her unconventional writing style and larger-than-life persona” – Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global

“A self-help book like no other: soul-stirring, thought provoking” – renowned Journalist, Rajdeep Sardesai

“Deep yet humorous, soulful yet brutally honest, Geetika Saigal is jazzing up the self-help genre” – Yahoo News

” गीतिका सहगल की ‘फाइंडिंग योर जी-स्पॉट इन लाइफ’ बनी बेस्टसेलर, महिला उद्यमी ऐसे बनी राइटर – Zee Hindi News

Want To Be The CEO Of Your Life? YES!

The Probability of your parents meeting: one in a million. The Chance that they had you and not another genetic version of you: one in 4 million billion. The Number of moments you have lived in your lifetime: ~9.4 million.You, Yes YOU are a miracle.

Do you not then deserve to lead a miraculous life?
A life that is meaningful to you, that doesn’t leave you feeling like you are running and running, but not knowing where to, and why so. So go on, give yourself and your life the best shot. How? By ceasing this race to ‘somewhere’ for just a few hours; Re-discovering Your Real Self, Re-aligning Your Thoughts, Revamping Your Life



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Whether you’re a person trying to become the best version of yourself, a large organisation on the lookout for a transformational keynote speaker, a start-up seeking mentorship or an educational institution aiming to arm your students with new-age skills, lets explore how we can work together.