5-Day Performance Mastery Workshop

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Fast track your growth

Learn how to enter the league of SUPER ACHIEVERS by mastering focus, maximising productivity & developing vital success habits

Taught by

Geetika Saigal

Geetika is an Amazon No.1 Bestselling Author, 5-time TEDx Speaker & multi-award winning Success Coach on a mission to help you in ‘Finding Your G-Spot’ in life
9th Nov
13th Nov

Learn proven techniques to develop razor sharp focus and boost productivity day-after-day to nail BIG GOALS @ ₹497 Only

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5 Days of Intense Action-Driven Learning

Video Lessons + Exercises

LIVE Session with Geetika

Unlimited access to Video Lessons

Certificate of Completion

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What To Expect In The 5-Day Workshop

How to nail




  • Day 1

    Develop a razor-sharp focus to nail your goals

  • Day 2

    Maximise Productivity to achieve peak performance consistently

  • Day 3

    Overcome procrastination & get into action to turn your vision a reality

  • Day 4

    Learn how to nail BIG Goals

  • Day 5


    Learn Success Habits that can transform you into an Unstoppable Achiever

Meet Your Coach: Geetika Saigal
ex-Global Leader & entrepreneur turned multiple-award winning Business & Career Coach

Meet Your Coach: Geetika Saigal

In her career spanning over 2 decades, Geetika has proved her mettle as a dynamic global business leader and handled multi-million dollar businesses successfully.

In recent years, she has gained acclaim as a Bestselling Author and 5-time TEDx speaker, and built a strong footing as a digital influencer. Geetika has also delivered several inspirational keynote speeches in top universities & corporates on self-discovery, mindset, entrepreneurship, diversity & growth.
To top it all, she is a multi award-winning Business & Career Coach who has touched the lives of 1,00,000+ people across 30 countries with her life-changing programs. She is on a constant endeavour to help people shine in their career/ business, so they can lead successful and fulfilling lives.
With a loyal follower base of over 100,000 on social media, Geetika’s content generated 15 million+ views in 2019 alone, making her one of the most influential business & career coaches on Instagram in India.

“A self-help book like no other: soul-stirring, thought-provoking” –
Rajdeep Sardesai

Making your way from Ground Zero to the TOP can be a lonely journey. And you’re likely to have endless questions and doubts along the way...

How can I ensure my goals don’t remain a mere vision in my head?

What do I need to do to reach new milestones in my growth journey?

There is so much to do with such little time at hand…

How can I keep myself from getting distracted from my goals?

What can I do differently to get better results?

And I’m here to help you find answers to these questions...

Who Is This Workshop For?

  1. Want to become a TOP PERFORMER at work and grow faster?

  2. Do you want to join the league of SUPER SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS?

  3. Do you have BIG DREAMS to fulfill but don't know HOW?

  4. Do you tend to PROCRASTINATE?

  5. Do you want to DO MORE in LESS TIME?


If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you!

The workshop is designed to help all self-driven people/professionals to master the mindset, habits and skillsets that drive all successful people across the globe, thus transforming them into Super Achievers who can achieve peak productivity day-after-day, chase BIG GOALS fearlessly and turn them into a reality.

Love From Students

Karishma Badhe

Dombivli (Mumbai) Student

“ It has helped me tremendously…like it has changed the way of my thinking…in short I have got a broader perspective towards my life. The way Geetika explains each and every thing with so much passion is what I liked the most…also she explains in a very easy manner so that it doesn’t go past like a bouncer! I’m excited to see the results it is showing in my performance! ”

Neha gupta

Delhi Counseling Psychologist/ Career Counselor

“ Brilliantly put together! When you watch the video lessons, you realise that lots of little details in life and at work that we usually miss out, and these small things can change your performance and make you an expert. Very meaningful and deeply explained. The explanation videos and the exercises have been crafted beautifully. Looking forward to the next set of courses! ”

Mercy Dokiso Chirwa

Consultant, Delhi

“ Very interesting model to focus ones energy on activities that are more valuable and exclude all the other irrelevant goals perceived as important. I many times have had this problem of having too much on my plate and having problem making the right choices. After joining Geetika’s program, I have learnt this skill of focus along with many more that are transforming me into a new person. I am dreaming big again in life and with Geetika as my Mentor, I know I will make it! Thanks Geetika. ”

Prashant Shelke

Bengaluru Corporate Professional

“ U.nlimited program which also can be also termed as infinite skill knowledge that one can get in a precise manner . Knowledge is sea which is there in various social medias ,but when you want knowledge that can transform your life like a diamond whose shine is marvelous one should choose U.nlimited . The more i implement the more productive it has made. ”

Aashish Kukreja

Visakhapatnam Student

“ I am ready to Switch on my Super Computer! And that one is inside my head. With every course I feel like I have the power now inside of me and I can do anything, better because I know so much more. I can think better, reason better, communicate better and execute better. I can feel the change. No! Transformation! ”

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Overview of Your 5-Day Transformational Journey

DAY 1:

Master Focus

What Will You Learn?
  • What “focus” really means
  • Master focus with top 3 global techniques
  • Learn the 5-step process to nail big goals

How Will You Transform?
  • Learn to focus on what’s important
  • 10X your daily productivity
  • Apply the success methodology of Billionaires
  • How not to let distractions come in the way of achieving your goals

DAY 2:

Maximise Productivity

What Will You Learn?
  • Learn how to work at PEAK MODE with a 7-step process that helps you to maximise your output every time
  • Learn a world-renowned and proven technique to ramp up your capacity to work harder and longer, step-by-step
  • Learn how to use timepass mode to your advantage

How Will You Transform?
  • Learn to harness the power of your brain
  • 10X your daily productivity
  • Learn Deep Work Technique for top tasks
  • Learn a simple but powerful technique to build productivity
  • Do more with less!

DAY 3:

Overcome Procrastination & Get into Action

What Will You Learn?
  • Go from Zero to Hero by overcoming all roadblocks and nailing your goals
  • Learn how to overcome the 3 Barriers that hold you back from making progress

How Will You Transform?
  • Learn to harness the power of your brain
  • Bust the myths about Motivation
  • Overcome Procrastination
  • Smash 3 Barriers to Taking Action

DAY 4:

Nail Big Goals

What Will You Learn?
  • Learn the BIG Model to achieve Big Goals
  • Learn the revolutionary MAP model to create killer action plans

How Will You Transform?
  • Become an Action-Taker
  • Be in control of your journey
  • Set the direction to think and achieve big goals

DAY 5:


Become an Unstoppable Achiever

What Will You Learn?
  • Learn and develop the habits that drive highly-successful people
  • Learn the step-by-step interlocked TAP Model to understand how your habits work in reality
  • Learn a simple yet transformational technique to keep track of your good & bad habits daily
  • Crack the 5-Step Process to smash your bad habits, so you can unleash your true potential
  • Learn the 5 secret techniques great leaders use to master change and build a self-sustaining growth model
  • Discover one ingenious technique to link change and growth into every facet of life
  • Know the solutions to all frequently encountered problems when you are focussed on change & growth - like your personal FAQ!

How Will You Transform?
  • Decode your habit loop
  • Master the 5-step process to bust bad habits that hinder success
  • Practice the art of stalking yourself!
  • Master change like top entrepreneurs & leaders
  • Kick-off a chain of unstoppable growth
  • Learn to overcome resistance to change
  • Learn hacks to smash all the problems you encounter in your growth journey



Lifetime access to video lessons


Certificate of Completion



Access To Geetika's Popular Online Course -

The Focus Game

where you can learn in depth how to

Master Focus & Productivity like top leaders

worth Rs. 1999

Get bonus course worth Rs. 1999 if you Sign up TODAY!

Still Wondering If the Workshop is for YOU?

The answer is a definite YES, if...
You want to decode what makes successful people successful
You want to ditch a life of mediocrity and achieve something BIG
You have big ambitions but don't know how to bring them to life.
You want to accomplish more in less time
You are driven to make it to the league of super achievers

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To Sum It Up

Learn How To:

Master Focus
Maximise Productivity
Overcome Procrastination & Get into Action
Nail BIG Goals

Get Bonus Course

The Focus Game

Take the simple first step to transform your goals into reality @ Rs. 497

No Questions Asked 14 Day Money Back Guarantee

It’s time to take charge of your life. This is your chance to rise & shine...

Take the simple first step to transform your goals into reality

9th Nov
13th Nov

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Get bonus course worth Rs. 1999 if you Sign up TODAY!


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get lifetime access to the program?     

Yes. You will get lifetime access to the video lessons. However, you will not get access to the live session recordings.

Will I get a certificate on completion of the program? 

Yes. All courses come with a Certificate of Completion, which is downloadable once you complete the workshop.