What if
you were locked down in your
home for 21 days?

Re-Invent Yourself!


14th April, 4PM IST




Entrepreneurs, Students, Corporate Professionals, Self-Employed, Home-makers

What would you do?

Would you look at the clock ticking away? Would you binge-watch Netflix? Would you laugh your way & day through TikTok?
These are questions that once could be termed as ‘hypothetical’ but suddenly have become a ‘reality’.
I understand these are times when our heads are bursting with questions and the world is bombarding us with information overload. You’re feeling stressed, bogged-down, frustrated, caged and most of all uncertain about the future.I just want to take a moment to say, IT’S OK. If you have no Questions, you will get no Answers. Its good to have questions, even to be confused! It means you are still alive and kicking.
How you answer the questions today, will determine how you will emerge tomorrow.

If you do time-pass, time will simply pass.


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A note from Geetika to You

My name is Geetika Saigal, and I am on a Mission - ‘to help you in Finding Your G-Spot’ in life.
We all live in uncertain times; times where no college degrees can save us, where the rich & the poor are equal, where jobs today could be gone tomorrow, where wealth is losing significance & life gaining importance. The world is changing; fast. Much of it seems out of our control. But there is one thing that is still within our hands - How will WE emerge from this? Ask yourself this question - “Am I well-prepared for a tomorrow that I can no longer predict?”

The 21 Day Opportunity
Re-Invent Yourself!

I’m sure you’re coming across many online learning courses that promise to teach you new skills, in the hope of making you more competitive and independent. But here’s the thing - these courses can be taken at any point of time in life! There is never a specific time for self-improvement, every day presents the right time to make a start.

What is most important is HOW YOU START. It’s the DIRECTION not the Speed, that will determine your Success. To create a PATH that is right for YOU, you first need to KNOW YOUR TRUE SELF. Use this LOCKDOWN period not just productively, not just to reflect, not just to grow marginally, but to TRANSFORM EXPONENTIALLY! Set yourself up for Success, so you emerge better-equipped to handle any uncertainty life throws at you. The way to do that is to RE-CONNECT with yourself. Let me help you do that!


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The Lock-down Period Challenge

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  • How to evaluate your life
  • The 5 Ways to multiply your Life Happiness Score
  • How to be the CEO of your own life
  • How to Re-discover to yourself
  • How to Re-connect to yourself
  • How to create a Life Vision
  • How to build a Powerful Mind
  • How to overcome Fear
  • How to Start!


  • 10+ Modules, spread across the entire course
  • 10+ Videos, where Geetika herself takes you through each section
  • 10+ DI(f)Y exercises, to help you internalise & mobilise each concept & learning
  • A 60-page e-Book written by Geetika, delving in-depth on all of the concepts


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  • A Winner’s perspective - how successful people take-on the world
  • The Blueprint for Success - a foundation that will set you up for all the success, achievements and riches that will come your way
  • Key Steps to a Powerful Mind
  • The Real You - understand what makes you, YOU so that you can enhance your unique skills to gain that competitive edge
  • A Life Vision - a path that will make you in-charge of your own Destiny
  • A Goal Plan - the way it is set by the most successful organisations & leaders